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2022 Scholarship Application

The Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that four $1,000 scholarships will be offered to 2022 graduates from our community.

Applications will be accepted till April 29, 2022. Interested students should mail/deliver the application, their one-page essay and their transcript to: Education Committee, Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce, 8617 W. Point Douglas Rd. Ste 150 Cottage Grove, MN 55016, or email to:


  • Resident of Cottage Grove, Newport or St. Paul Park, or a Park High School graduate.
  • The student must be pursuing post-secondary education at either a two-year or four-year educational or vocational institution in the summer or fall of 2022.
  • Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce Members should note that at least one scholarship will be awarded to a Chamber Member’s student.
  • At least one scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing a two-year or vocational degree.

Selection Process

  • Applications will be reviewed, and a decision will be made no later than May 6, 2022.
  • Students will be selected based on:
    • the response to the essay question below;
    • participation and leadership in school and community activities and work experience;
    • personal circumstances relating to need; and
    • academic achievement.


  • Representatives of the Chamber of Commerce will attend, where possible, award events to make a formal presentation.
  • Once notified, students should submit their educational institution name and address for a check to be sent to that institution.

Fill out the following and complete scholarship requests on the second page of this application.


Name __________________________________________ School ______________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________________


City ___________________________________                  Phone No. ___________________________


Parent/Guardian Name(s) ______________________________________________________________


ESSAY QUESTION (Response must be typed and be no more than 500 words in length, attached to this application and student transcript.)

  • Leading by example is an important quality in a person. Share a situation where you “led by example” in either your personal life or at a place of employment.


  • Please provide a brief description (in resume format) of:
    • your involvement in school activities;
    • any volunteer and work experience;
    • career and educational goals; and
    • your personal need for scholarship funds.
  • Please provide a current transcript.
  • Mark your calendar: Should you be selected for a scholarship; you will be asked to participate and be introduced to the Cottage Grove Area Chamber at the event that supports these scholarships each year. The Golf Tournament for 2022 is scheduled for Monday, June 27, at River Oaks. You will be introduced at a celebratory event after the tournament.  Please plan to be at River Oaks Golf Course at 3:00 pm.
  • Is your parent a member of the Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce? ___Yes    ___No
  • Name of Chamber Business __________________________________________________

Fill out the application and send it, along with your essay, resume and current high school transcripts, to:


Education Scholarship

8617 W. Point Douglas Rd. Ste 150

Cottage Grove, MN 55016



Educator of the Year Award Application

Parents and students are invited to submit a nomination for your favorite teacher or school employee! Note the deadline of April 29, 2022, for nominations. Recognition will be held at River Oaks Golf Course on June 27, 2022, during the Chambers Swing for Scholarships Golf Tournament.

2022 Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce Educator of the Year Award / Educational Support Person of the Year Award Nomination Form


  • Nominees for the awards are either educators, educational teams or other school employees. They must be employed at one of the Cottage Grove, Newport or St. Paul Park public or private schools or at East Ridge High School (PreK-Grade 12).
  • The nominees must display exceptional skill and dedication to education and have a positive influence in the lives of students in their school community.


Name of Educator/Team/Educational Support: ________________________________________

School: _______________________________________________________________________

Email address: _________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________


Describe how you believe the recipient(s) shows dedication to education and / or how the person/team influences the lives of students.

Name of Nominator: ____________________________________________________________

Phone No. _____________________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________________




Cottage Grove Area Chamber of Commerce

8617 West Point Douglas Road, Suite #150, Cottage Grove, MN 55016 or emailed to:

Educator of the Year Award